New Zealand Mining Map


The New Zealand Mining Map features information on coal, hard rock and alluvial gold mines and projects, ironsand mines and projects, as well as phosphate, garnet, ilmenite and tungsten projects.
The colourful map is a large 1.2m x .85m poster and provides a clear, insightful picture of the coal and minerals sectors.
The map features information on operational and planned coal, gold, alluvial gold, ironsand, phosphate, garnet, ilmenite and tungsten projects.
It also displays all coal and Tier One mineral permits and licences. Enlarged zoom-ins on information-dense areas (e.g. West Coast, Otago/Southland, Waikato) are provided.
Key features include:
- Coal mines, including ownership, location, annual production figures
- Operational and planned alluvial gold, hard gold, ironsand, phosphate, garnet, ilmenite and tungsten projects
- Operational industrial minerals mines, including perlite, bentonite, diatomite, silica, zeolite, halloysite and burnt lime mines
- Coal mining broken down by coal type, rank, utilisation and region
- Large coal users including ownership and location, average annual usage (by industry type) and known suppliers
- Summary of major coal producers including contact details, mining assets and exploration permits
- Annual minerals production statistics
- New Zealand ports
- KiwiRail centre lines, station points and coal loading facility areas
- DoC public and schedule 4 conservation areas
- New Zealand minerals deposits map
Data on this map will change throughout the year and is accurate as of May 2019. Up-to-date information about mines, projects and permits (including permit expiry dates, resource area, mineral type and changes to the work programmes) can be found at